I am an actor, playwright, voice over artist, singer and improviser based in New York City.  I have been a professional actor for about a decade, ever since a friend’s mom asked me to audition for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial and I booked the job!  I learned a lot that day, mostly that when shooting a candy commercial one should take advantage of the provided spit bucket - it’s there for a reason. I also got an idea of how happy I would be if I could make a living out of this fantastic line of work.  

Since that first on-camera commercial I’ve carved out a niche for myself in the voice over world, recording national network ads for Fortune 500 companies and a host of radio spots, demos and industrials.  I currently voice promos for a number of cable networks.

Over the years I’ve performed sketch and improv comedy and am thankful to currently be on Magnet Theater's Musical Megawatt house team, Warm Blooded.  I can also be seen performing 50 minute, heart-felt musical two-prov with Beth Slack (UCB, Magnet) as Hansbury and Slack!